Thursday, December 13, 2012

Paper commentary: A simple packed bed device for antibody labelled rare cell capture from whole blood

We have developed a system to isolate rare cells from whole blood using commercially available components and simple microfluidics. We characterized the capture of MCF-7 cells spiked into whole human blood using this system to demonstrate that enrichment and enumeration studies give results similar to in situ surface-modified devices while reducing fabrication and operation complexity.


>>EpCAM-based technique

>> very low throughput 
"This suspension of whole blood was pumped from 3 mL syringes (ten-syringe infusion/withdraw pump, Cole-Parmer) at 0.2 mL h−1 for 1 h through the microfluidic packed bed to allow immobilization of the cancer cells. "

at this rate it will take 5 hours to process 1 mL of blood.

>> seems like an improvement over the Harvard CTC-chip, but still does not solve some fundamental issues with EpCAM based capture. The throughput is impractical

multiple channels can be used, but that will dramatically increase the imaging and staining area, making it difficult to perform high resolution cytomorphological analysis

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